Urgent Care for Broken Hand


Misfortunes can catch you unexpectedly and you will have to rely on yourself. A rhythm of a modern life is full of various activities that sometimes can be hazardous to your health. The present article sets an aim to prepare you for the possible misfortunes and teach the measures to be taken while waiting for an urgent care like agurgentcare.com.

What Does It Mean Breaking a Hand?
Medical specialists use the term “fracture” in order to describe a consequence of a serious damage to a bone. As a rule, a hand can be broken by virtue of an external effect like a shock, fall or other application of force directed to the hand. Subsequently, a hand bone experiences an injury.

The young children, as well as old people, are especially prone to breaking hands and other body parts due to the weak health of bones caused by the insufficient calcium level. So, to avoid being injured in most cases, a person should consume a decent amount of this essential ingredient.

Urgent Care for Broken Hand

What Kind of Breaking Hand Can Be?
To know exactly how serious a situation is, one has to X-ray a hand and submit the picture to the medical specialist to make a termed diagnosis. The X-ray picture should be made for all fracture types even if it has a visual recognition observed at an open or closed case.

The largest share of patients encounters the closed type of breaking a hand. It means that a bone has split into two parts without displacement. At the same time, an easier case may be observed when a bone does not split but cracks. The advantage of this type of injury is the lesser restoration period.

As you understand, a displacement of a bone is a more serious scenario. The so-called open fracture can be recognized visually since the hand’s shape becomes abnormal. Besides, sometimes a split bone can rip a skin and peep out. This case requires an immediate medical care due to the damage of both external and internal tissues.

Measures after Calling the Urgent Care Service
Naturally, notwithstanding the type of a hand break, the first action to be done is to call to the nearest healthcare establishment. Anyhow, sometimes the conditions may not weigh in your favor and the immediate clinic can be hundreds of miles from your location. The main thing is to suppress panic and start thinking sane.

A regular sign of a fracture is a swelling in the injured spot. The inflammation can be reduced by applying a cold item to the broken hand. Meanwhile, you have to take care of immobilizing your hand. Use a firm long item as a frame to fix your hand. Now you need to tie an injured part to the frame. You may use a bandage if available or some cloth. In some cases, you will have to tear your shirt or jacket using teeth and the undamaged hand.

What is Next?
A broken hand without displacement does not cause such pain as an opened scenario. If the pain is unbearable, you may take a painkiller. Nevertheless, it is better to wait until a termed diagnosis is made and then follow the recommendations of a healthcare expert. A regular procedure includes putting a hand in plaster for a more solid fixation of the hand.

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