The Correct Mentality for Aging with Choice and Dignity


“…reawakened by the fact that the more you change, the more you see differently. And the more you see differently, the more you’re open to different kinds of beauty. I think the more we embrace what our own feelings about beauty are, the more fun it’s going to be for us as we go along.” That was Diane Keaton, a 68-year old author, movie actress, and 8-years face of L’Oreal Paris’s Age Perfect skincare line, speaking about personal beauty and aging with a Vogue magazine writer.

Diane Keaton’s words above underline the fact that developing the right mentality toward aging could make it a thing of choice and dignity. Everyone desires to age gracefully, and this underscores the fact that aging gracefully is best achieved by choice, dignity, and positive attitude. Jane Fonda, a 73-year old Oscar-winning actress, celebrated wellness author, and work-out expert goes deeper to highlight the secrets to developing the correct mentality for aging with choice and dignity.

Mentality for Aging with Choice and Dignity

Think of growing old with gratitude and playfulness

According to Jane Fonda, “we need to revise how we think of aging. Looking at aging as ascending a staircase, you gain wellbeing, spirit, soul, wisdom, the ability to be truly intimate and a life with intention.” This shows that developing a sense of playfulness, dignity, and adaptability about aging could make it a thing to cherish and enjoy.

Don’t think you can beat the aging process

You can age gracefully, which is good, but you really can’t beat the aging process. Age tells with time, and the more time you stick around, the more tell-tale signs you bear. It is always better to agree that aging is normal and part of growth and maturity, and that it is useless and wasteful to spend fortunes trying to beat the phenomenon. Enjoy it, live your life, forget about perfectionism, and stop worrying incessantly about things that predispose you to aging.

Develop inner strength and character

You must show you carry the power of thoughts and actions to be able to remain young. Be strong in soul, spirit, and body, and you’d be able to deal with the challenges of aging as they emerge. Inner strength and character will help you to be able to cope with physical transformations and to utilize them to your own aging advantage. Be an individual of resilient power and mental fortitude, and you’d have a mind that does not grow old nor accept aging as death.

Invest in your appearances

Spending some little money on clothing, make-ups, and even cosmetic surgery can boost your confidence about aging. Investing in your appearances makes you look as much as you feel, and you also inspire youthfulness in others. And applying slight make-ups to cover facial lines might also be helpful, and while going for cosmetic surgery might be great, it is best to consider surgery on all fronts before going for one. Keep up appearances and you’d be all you’d always wanted to be.

Don’t discountenance physical exercises

You must fully understand what physical exercises can do for you while you’re aging to fully embrace it. Physical exercises keep your bones strong and resistant. It helps you to sleep deeper and soundly. It minimizes the chances for shrinkages in the brain which is usually occasioned by inactivity. Exercises increases metabolism and burns calories and other free radicals in the body. You may need to speak with a fitness and health expert to know what is good for you, but then regular walking, light jogging, stretching, and even light weight-lifting might be the way to go to remain mentality strong and physically active.

Life a healthier lifestyle

You ought to know what this means. Cut out smoking, quit alcohol, reduce sugar consumption, do away with fast foods and processed food, and stop worrying about life. Eat more of fresh fruits and organic vegetables, and drink more water, you need it. You must also sleep more and relax more to help with hormonal release and body tissue repairs.

Try to be yourself for once

At this current age and time, it is high time you became more serious and honest about whom you are. Stay true to yourself and your age. There is no point trying to be someone else at this age, or trying to please others to your own detriment. Be honest about your age and your aging process, and let this maturity and knowledge guide you into all happiness, truthfulness, and right relationships with immediate family and outsiders.

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