6 Fun Ways For Actors and Stage Performers To Get and Stay In Top Shape


Michael Jackson was no doubt a great stage performer – but apart from his singing abilities, one of the things that made him a legendary music icon was his perfect dance moves on and off the stage. Jackson may have put in lots of hours to perfect his dance moves on the stage, but it was also obvious that the late singer must have engaged in intense exercise and fitness routines to remain in top shape.

How to Get and Stay In Top Shape

Whether you are an aspiring or professional singer, movie actor, or stage performer, personal fitness is one of the basic requirements to remain in shape and in business; or you may find it extremely difficult or challenging to meet the entertainment needs of your audiences. For all public entertainers, you need effective exercise routines to build strength and stamina – and these add to your confidence while plying your trade.

To stay in top shape as an actor, singer, stage performer, or circus player, you must carry out one or more of the following workout routines to build and maintain mental alertness, physical agility, public confidence, and a great body among other things.

Fitness dance and choreography classes

Most top musicians engage in fitness dance session and choreography classes that help them develop great dance moves as well as remain in top performance shape. Fitness dance sessions and choreography classes are not limited to musicians alone, actors in music movies and videos also engage in dance classes to enhance their individual fitnesses and professional performances. In addition to dance and ballet and choreography sessions which are exercise-based in themselves, you may add cardio and aerobic workouts to be in top mental and physical shape.

Circus art fitness exercises

While dancing and acrobatic abilities would be invaluable to your public entertainment career as an actor or musician, many producers today seek actors or video performers who are able to sing, dance, act, and engage in acrobatic performances that would fit circus entertainment among others. If you have carried out exercises and trainings that enable you to carry out back flips and walk a tight wire or do a flying trapeze, then you would advance your stage career by endearing yourself to producers.

Barre workouts

This fitness technique is based on the Bar Method and aims to elongate the muscles as well as refine the physical tone of individuals through exercises that create and enhance body flexibility, lean muscles, joint strengthening, and mental wellbeing among others. This workout technique is conducted alongside other persons in studios and classes that combine yoga and other physical therapy methods for effective exercises.

Stunt and combat stunt training

You may love Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan and Jean Claude van Damme for their fighting abilities in movies, but can you imagine the levels of trainings that went into perfecting their stunts and combat training? You may view some of the moves as stunts, but these actors among others can’t carry out these combat skills without great physical strengths and mental coordination that may have been made possible via intense exercise workouts and physical trainings. You require to combine acting and exercise if you require to be a great stage or movie performer and this is where a skilled fitness trainer, physical therapist, and workout or stunt studio come in.

Pilates exercises

Joseph Pilates perfected his fitness techniques in the early 20th century, and these are aimed at building stamina and strength, toning the body core, as well as improving individual posture among others. The Pilates fitness exercise is based on the principles of precision, concentration, breathing, control, flow, and centering. With these fitness method, individuals are able to increase their body flexibility and develop leaner muscle mass for improved health and wellbeing.

Yoga exercises

Yoga has been practised for hundreds of years from China to India to Nigeria, and people from all walks of life continue to derive personal benefits from it. Yoga can be practised in religious temples as well as in outdoor parks, and it can be done in fitness gyms or even in living rooms and business offices. As an actor or musician who aims to make good money by entertaining people, you must try yoga to enjoy improved breathing, strong and flexible limbs, spiritual discipline, and mental awareness among others.

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