How To Create an Effective Exercise Schedule to Lose Weight


You already know that regular fitness exercises are essential for your weight loss goals, don’t you? In fact, regular fitness exercises should be an integral part of your weight loss program, and this is the more reason you must arrange for a workable exercise schedule to help you achieve your weight loss objectives.

It is interesting to note that many people believe in the immense benefits of a regular exercise regimen, but then they lack the personal resolve and the self-discipline to stick to a workable exercise regimen. Weight loss might turn out a nearly impossible goal if you lack resolve and discipline, and this is why setting up a practical exercise schedule that ensures results must be done.

Athletic Woman - Stretches

To succeed at setting up a practical, realistic, and effectual exercise schedule for your weight loss objectives, you might have to bear the following five tips in mind:

i. Set up the alarm clock

Everyone hates hearing the alarm clock go off, but they still get the job done. You get woken up and reminded of what you need to do – in time. Use the alarm clock to scramble out of bed for your early morning exercises, and be disciplined enough to really get off bed, not shut down the alarm bell. Set your exercise schedule for 4 a.m. in the morning, and a 30-minute to 1-hour fitness exercise is okay, while undergoing another 30 minutes or one hour in the evening would equally be great – courtesy of your alarm clock.

ii. Remind yourself of the benefits of exercises to your weight loss goals

Constantly remind yourself of why you need to lose weight – and lose weight within record time. Always remind yourself that regular fitness exercises are crucial to your weight loss goals, and be constantly apprised of the inherent benefits of your weight loss program. Regular fitness exercise is great because it burns excess body fat; builds muscles, tissues and bones; lowers cholesterol; enhances weight loss; and puts you in desired shape – being reminded of these would egg you on.


iii. Choose the appropriate exercises

Not all fitness exercises are great for weight loss goals, so be sure to choose those that are suitable for your weight loss objectives as well as workable within your desired exercise schedule. Choosing the appropriate exercises helps you to commit to them without stress or strain, and enjoy the whole process.

iv. Use a licensed fitness gym

If it is not too possible or easy for you to stick to a personal exercise schedule, then you must enroll at a licensed fitness gym. They all have a regular exercise schedule that works for everyone, and they have qualified instructors to help you through your exercise routine. Registering at a fitness center would be a great boost to your weight loss goals because you get to exercise at your own pace according to enforceable schedules, or workout with others with common purpose.


v. Hire a personal trainer

You may have to hire a personal trainer if you lack the resolve and the discipline to stick to a practical exercise schedule. The moment your fitness trainer arrives, you have no choice than to rise up to the occasion and do the needful. A licensed fitness trainer would understand your weight loss goals and would have the professional discipline to help you stick to an exercise schedule that helps you achieve your overall weight loss objectives – within the desired timeframe.


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