9 Free Smartphone Apps You May Use To Promote Fitness Levels


You can do almost anything with smartphone apps nowadays – and with the right app, you can monitor your heartbeat, sleep pattern, workout routine, and even calorie intake during each meal among other things.

Here are 10 of our favourite apps to help you achieve your health and fitness goals within a few months:

free fitness apps

RunKeeper: RunKeeper is free for iOS and Android smartphone users and helps to track your running distance every time you are on a treadmill or running up the countryside. With the ability to track how far you have gone and the current speed you’re making, you can also listen to your favourite music playlist while jogging down the lane.

Fitocracy: This app helps you to log your workout points without the need for a notebook inside the gym. You can log points gained during your workout based on the weight and difficulty of any particular session, and you can also help out a colleague in the gym by giving props that encourage them to meet their fitness goals.

StrongLifts: This app is only available for iOS users and invaluable for athletes who favour squat and deadlift exercises. With three workout sessions per day and three times a week, this app guides users on when to add weight to their deadlifts or reduce some weight and even monitors your periods of rest away from workouts.

Strava: If you’re a recreational cyclist and desire to track your cycling distance and speed via a smartphone app, then Strava is the app of choice. It measures your cycling performance and how well you’re putting up under the pressure of the exercise, while also allowing you to chat with colleagues on the sport.

Couch to 5K: This app is made for beginners to bump up on their jogging abilities by going through an 8-week programme with three workouts a week. The aim is to help new runners reach a 5K after the programme regardless of their shape and fitness levels. And one more thing, the app helps you not to overdo things as you combine running and walking.

MapMyFitness: This is a good fitness activity app for athletes who run, cycle, or climb mountains by helping them monitor their progress levels and track distance covered as well as the speed and elevation changes in various environments. Family and friends can even track the progress of the user via live tracking in the pro version, and this can also track heart rate and strength levels among other things.

GymBoss Interval Timer: This is another free app for iOS and Android device users, helping them to keep track of exercise sessions regardless of whether it is a cardio workout or a multi-exercise routine. It also helps users monitor their rest periods and when to begin exercising again, and all these while listening to their favourite music.

Nike Training Club: This is not actually a real club as the name connotes, but actually an iOS and Android app made for female athletes who want to follow in the professional footsteps of Serena Williams and Gabby Douglas among others. This app has over 100 workout techniques that are designed to boost body flexibility, cardio levels and strength; and it comes with an audio feedback alongside a music streaming option to help you achieve your health fitness goals.

DailyBurn: This app provides users with streaming workouts suitable for yoga sessions, dance lessons, and other types of fitness techniques at moderate to high intensities. The app can track the progress of users as they go through various fitness challenges and serves as their personal trainer. It is free for iOS and Android users, but access to video workouts requires a subscription to DailyBurn.

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