Electronic Cigarettes: What You Need To Know About Them


What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

If you have been trying to quit smoking without much success, or need an alternative to smoking tobacco, you might want to consider using electronic cigarettes to achieve your ultimate aim. Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs are electronic smoking devices that look like cigarettes but without smoke, tar, or tobacco. It contains nicotine and gives you the real feelings and satisfaction of smoking real cigarettes, but without any major health hazards.

blu-e-cigarettes-del-blgo How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?                 A typical electronic cigarette comes packed with certain components. The smoking device has a rechargeable and replaceable battery, cartridges of liquid nicotine, an atomizer, and a battery charger. You smoke or inhale from the cartridge end which also holds the nicotine. Each time you inhale from the nicotine-holding cartridge, the atomizer senses the pull of inhalation from your mouth and then uses the power in the battery to power up the nicotine which turns into vaporless smoke. This vapor hits your lungs and you feel the strong sensations of smoking real cigs, and you can even blow out the smoke or vapor from your mouth.

What Do Electronic Cigarettes Contain?E-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, but they do not contain tar or tobacco or even carcinogenic substances.

Are They Dangerous To Use?

They have been acclaimed to be perfectly safe. E-cigs have also been acclaimed as better alternatives to tobacco smoking, and have even helped some addicted tobacco smokers quit or minimize smoking. But electronic cigarettes are not suitable for persons legally under the age of 18, and they are recommended for pregnant women.

What Are the Benefits of Using E-Cigarettes?

Some of the benefits of vaping or using electronic cigarettes are:

–          They do not contain carcinogens, tar, or tobacco and are perfectly safe.

–          They are much more economical, and help you to save money.

–          They are odorless, and do not produce real smoke or flame.

–          They come in various brands and flavors to suit your tastes.

–          They give you the nicotine hits of real cigarettes, and offer the same satisfactory feelings and sensations.

–          They have been proven to help some people quit smoking, but you must have the will-power to quit yourself.

how electronic cigarettes workWhat Else Should I Know Before Purchasing Them?

The nicotine cartridge, the battery, and the atomizer all have life spans. Depending on your level of use, you must consider charging the battery or replacing cartridge and atomizer as often as you require. Some come with USB chargers, and some come in flavors of chocolate, menthol, vanilla, and so on.

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