Don’t Care About The Number On The Scale – Just Want To Feel Good!


It Is a Good Thing To Want To Lose Weight, But Is It All Good? Losing Weight May Make You Feel Better In Many Ways; However, Excessive Weight Loss Endangers You Too. What Then, Is The Purpose Of All That Training, Weightlifting, And All Those Hours At The Gym? Some Aim To Slim Down Or Bulk Up. Some Just Want To Feel Good.

First, you need to understand how exercising makes you feel good.

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How does exercise make you feel good?

You get breathless after the first few repetitions. You then notice that you can do it more often than before. While tackling the exercise you do, it energizes you and some of the pain just does not come. Why is this? Endorphins – chemicals in your brain – make you feel that “so good” feeling when you exercise, especially if you really feel the workout taking its advantages on you. Much like in a stressful situation, the body releases its happiness workers through every part of your body, only this time, you are enjoying the stress you feel and exert on yourself. More benefits can be seen through continuously exercising: less sleep problems, more confidence, more energy, and you will receive a glow on you that makes you seem like a very happy person.

Who usually does exercise just to feel good?

People who tend to reach the age where complications tend to arise. People of age 30 and up usually complain about having a hard time sleeping or the difficulty to muster up creativity. Most of them feel the need to exercise just to let some sweat loose. Some take up lighter forms of exercise like yoga to make themselves more relaxed. People sometimes have the misconception that exercising is just for slimming down. Some want to lose weight and involve themselves in exercises to slim down and avoid heart complications, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Exercise to make yourself free from pain and health troubles. Sometimes, people feel chunky and need to release that feeling into the atmosphere. A simple walk can lift your mood more than a good thought does.

Slimming down is not about the numbers

Well, it comes down to the shape, too. After all, slimming down can give a person more confidence and boost his or her charisma in many ways. In addition, this can be a form of therapy for some people who are depressed or who have had their heart broken for some reason. However, there are those who slim down not to get some curves going, but to get muscles onto their body. They have different approaches: slow and steady with natural proteins and carbs, or lightning-fast with steroids. Some of the most helpful steroids are at

Conclusion – it is just a number, after all

People have to understand that exercising is not just about slimming down or losing weight. There could be various reasons like health risks, battling depression, or confidence issues; you exercise because you want to feel good about yourself – sometimes to impress people, to impress yourself, or just plainly to achieve something like change what’s going on. This is enough reasons to say that all kinds of exercises are not about any number; they are there to make you feel great… ready for work, ready for school, ready for life, and ready for anything.

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