9 Ways Your Personality Could Be Affecting Your Weight


Personality changes affect your ability to lose weight in the following ways:

1. Prone to mood swings

People who are prone to changing mood swings tend to reach out for anything, amongst them food, when they experience emotional excitements. They stuff themselves with some handful of food when they feel very low with ebbing energy, and they also reach out for some snacks if they are very happy and lifted. Watching out for your responses to food when your moods change will help you control emotional eating.

Weight Loss

2. Impulsive

Impulsive people often do things without really thinking about them. They eat just because there is food, and they drink stuff just because it is available in the refrigerator. You mustn’t go for anything eatable within sight, and must learn to exercise restraints before doing anything at all, including taking a snack or opening the refrigerator.

3. Stickler for rules

If you’re a stickler for rules without minding anything else, then it might impact on the way you eat and on your ability to achieve proper weight loss goals. Be your conscientious self about doctors’ advice on dieting and exercises, but be mindful that you’re not doing things that help you think more about food.

4. Introverts and Extroverts

You may not believe this, but being an introvert or an extrovert affects how you think about food or even consume them. An extrovert would think “just a little bar of M&M chocolate wouldn’t matter” but an introvert would think the little bar of chocolate adds up to weight problems.

5. Center of all attention

Attention-seekers tend to eat more and lose out on their weight loss goals. The reason for this is because they want to be the one to move things forward at social events and at even take the leads at any social activity involving foods and drinks.

6. Unforgiving

If you’re ever unforgiving with yourself, you might find yourself eating more after you have flouted your own rules for eating less. You lose hopes that you can eat any lesser, and so find yourself eating more in the process.

7. Night Crawlers

Night crawlers tend to eat all day long. They eat in the night as much as they eat in the day. They move from pubs to clubs and stuff themselves with any food that comes in sight. They have no sense of time and so eat as often as they can.

8. Quiet people

Quiet people tend to eat little because they learn to conserve energy. They don’t react or get in the mix of things. They are always conserving what they eat and burning very little energy by being less active.

9. Early risers

The amount of time you spend in bed directly affects your ability to eat. Late sleepers and early risers tend to burn more energy and seek ways of filling up, than early sleepers and later risers.

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