5 Simple Exercises That Can Cure You Of Serious Waist Or Back Pains


Almost all adults experience waist pains at one time or the other, and this may extend to serious back pain in some cases – with the pains getting from critical to chronic sometimes.

Waist or back pains can be treated with medications or surgery, but the following are back-strengthening exercises that won’t cost you anything to eliminate your back pain.

Decompressing breathing

This is a phenomenon, but you can treat your waist/back pain and teach your spine to get long by taking deep breaths full of carbon-dioxide. Standing tall on your feet, raise your arms high above your head with the fingertips pressing together – then take inhale deeply until your feel your ribcage lifted. You may feel your spine crackling as it “lengthens” with your breathing process.

Founder to forward fold

This exercise is to strengthen your spine and reinforce the stability of your core. You start by jutting back your booty, bending your frame forward, and stretching out your arms behind you. Hold this position for as long as you possibly can, straightening up and doing it again and again until you feel your spine trained enough to facilitate proper movement patterns.

Forward fold

With your heel dug deep into the ground, bend forward and place your palm on the ground with your waist raised high. You will feel yourself strain but hold this position for up to three minutes. To stand back up, raise your hands slowly up your shins without shifting your heels. Repeat this exercise for up to 15 times before trying another one.back-pains-exercises

Adductor-assisted back extension

Lie straight on the floor with your stomach on the ground. Keep your knees together, and with your palm on the floor on either side of you, raise yourself up slowly on your hands without raising your waist from the ground. It is like lying on your stomach and then trying to fold back on your spine with your hands on the floor.


You already know that the woodpecker is a little bird, it tips itself forward when digging into a tree. As if trying to lunge forward, put one leg forward as if you want to take off on a marathon race. Stretch yourself forward until you feel your butt muscles and back stretch.

It must be pointed out that a sedentary lifestyle makes your waist/back pain worse, so it is best to exercise often if you see yourself sitting for too long.

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