5 Components of Breakfast That Will Help You Lose Weight


We hope that you have already realized the importance of breakfast for the successful functioning of the human body. There is a lot of information on the Internet about what to eat and what to drink in the first hours after awakening. We will deepen your knowledge a little and tell you how to eat it all to not only benefit from consumed products, but also lose excess calories.

A lot depends on the first meal of the day: working capacity, mood and, of course, feeling of satiety. And this means you need to approach it seriously! It means:


Eat slowly

If you swallow whole food – you will necessarily eat too much. Before you swallow food, it should be properly chewed – Japanese researchers at one time were not too lazy to thoroughly check this information. And they came to the conclusion that the difference in weight among “fast” and “slow” eaters consists of an average 8.8 pounds.

Moreover, many scientists recommend eating in silence, focusing on how and what you eat, without distractions like a TV or a book. In truth, even the presence of an overly active interlocutor is undesirable. In their opinion, “mindfulness” when eating food accelerates saturation. And we tend to agree with them!

Have Breakfast Sitting

It should be clear to you without unnecessary clarification: you will not be able to thoroughly chew food running. And yet: the lack of extra body movements helps the food to be better absorbed. There are no benefits of breakfast “on foot”. (But after eating a stomach does not prevent you from shaking it with a walk – it will benefit the digestion).

In order to be healthy and get rid of excess calories, you must equally combine assiduity and mobility. Everything has its time and place!

Open the Curtains

In winter it is, perhaps, a useless advice – most of the population of those countries where it is very cold in winter and it lasts a long time, has breakfast before dawn – but in the summer it is very handy: sunlight helps to normalize circadian rhythms and metabolism. In addition, it contributes to the production of vitamin D, the lack of which, according to a study conducted at University College London (UK), leads to obesity. After all, it’s impossible to be a healthy person if you do not have enough sunlight in your life – literally and figuratively.

Start Breakfast With a Glass of Water

We all heard this advice, but only a few tried to follow it: meanwhile, not only the rate of metabolism depends on these 100ml of pure liquid, but also the amount of food eaten at breakfast, significantly: as much as 20%! In addition to the proper functioning of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, water provides the body with a charge of vivacity. So it’s much easier to wake up and start practicing the usual daily business.

Cook Breakfast From the Evening

If on the eve you decided to go date with some beauty and you know that you’ll be back late at night or if you’re one of those for whom “the morning is not good forever”, do not torment yourself with morning cooking: make breakfast from the evening. At least partially: fried eggs, of course, will be inedible in the morning, but boiled eggs and oatmeal porridge will easily wait for you! And this will not only save your time, but it also prevents you from eating more than intended. With the help of the preliminary planning of breakfast, you can make a useful menu and at the same time train your will!


If your intention to lose weight is firm, and the desire to sit at the table every morning with a smile is great, do not neglect our advice. Many people in the pursuit of spiritual balance and beautiful figure are ready to perform titanic feats (which rarely lead to the goal, unfortunately), but we say that everything is much simpler: eat your breakfast in right way and be happy!


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