20 Top Exercises You Can Do At Home for a Personal Workout Program


If you’re always so busy and have little time to visit the health and fitness facility of your choice for a good physical workout exercise, you can always achieve some level of what you desire at home without making any investments or even paying a trainer to help out.

The following are simple exercises that you can do all by yourself at home to keep fit and in top shape:



1. Push ups

Push up helps you to strengthen your arms, biceps, chest, and abdominal muscles. You only need to lie flat on your stomach and then lift up yourself with your palms placed flat on the floor.

2. Supermans

With this exercise, you stretch yourself by lying flat on the floor and then trying to touch opposite walls with your fingers and toes.

3. Bent knee push up

Just like a push up, but you bend back your knees to exercise them.

4. Contralateral limb raises

You can also lie flat on the floor to raise your limbs. It is good for exercising the upper areas of the body.

5. Bent-knee sit-up

This is also called crunches.

6. Downward-facing dog

You lie flat on your tummy and then try to lift up your buttocks as higher and higher as you can manage using your hands and legs.

7. Push-up with single-leg raise

Just like a push up, but here you alternately raise up your legs back as far as you can manage without really doing push ups with your hands.

8. Front plank

This also uses the push up position to strengthen the arms, chest, waist, and all muscles.

9. Supine reverse crunches

This is doing crunches in the reverse position by lying on your back and then lifting back your legs over your head as far as to touch the floor above your head.

10. Side plank with bent knee

You only use your body weight to lift up yourself on one hand as you lie on your side on the floor.

11. Cobra exercise

You lie flat on your tummy and then lift up your trunk with your hands on the flat as far back as possible until your arms are very straight without lifting your waist from the floor.

12. Squat jumps

You squat down and then jump up as high as you can manage, for say, 10-20 times per session.

13. Forward lunge

You kneel on one knee and then try to lunge forward as you alternate the knees.

14. Glute bridge

Just like people doing yoga, you lie on your back and then raise your hips as high as possible by aching your waist up and high.

15. Hip rotation

Here you lie face down as if you want to do push up, you raise your leg up and down behind you and also sideways to exercise the muscles and the waist.

16. Side lying hip adduction

Here you lie on your side on the floor, and then raise one leg sideways as high as possible, while also raising it before and behind you in the up and down position.

17. Single leg stand

You stand on one leg for as long as possible, raising it high as you can manage; and then also do the same for the second leg for at least 3 minutes for each leg while trying to balance on only one leg at a single time.

18. Standing calf raises

You can raise your calf high behind you by placing it on the wall behind you for as long as possible and then doing the same also for the second leg.

19. Supine pelvic tilts

You sleep flat on your back and then tilt your pelvis to either sides of you as far as possible to the right and then to the left.

20. Side plank with straight leg

Here you lie on your side on the floor and then lift up your weight on one elbow, after which you stretch one of your legs straight before you and then behind you to the back; and you can do this for each leg before changing to the other side of your body to repeat the exercise.

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