17 Interesting Facts about Kisses


During the kiss, our heart rate frequency increases up to a hundred beats per minute. And how else does this pleasant occupation affect our body? Here are 17 interesting facts about kisses.

1) The World Kiss Day is celebrated every year on July 6th. This interesting holiday originated in the United Kingdom at the end of the XIX. Apparently, someone once decided that the kiss, being a pure manifestation of love, is worthy to have its own holiday.

2) The bodies of kissers produce a substance that is 200 times stronger than morphine in terms of narcotic effect. That’s why both partners can experience feelings of euphoria and happiness during a kiss.

17 Interesting Facts about Kisses

3) 5 calories are burned during a kiss on the cheek. A French kiss, in its turn, will steal about 26 calories from you.

4) One loving couple of Italians kissed for 31 hours 18 minutes and 33 seconds during the kissing marathon. But the loved ones had to stop only because one of them didn’t feel good.

5) As a rule, 66 percent of people close their eyes when kissing. The rest enjoy watching the change of emotions on their partners’ faces.

6) Kiss normalizes acidity in the oral cavity. By kissing every time after having a meal, you can reduce the risk of caries.

7) The kiss slows down the formation of stress substances that disrupt insulin production in the body, cause a dangerous increase in blood pressure, muscle atrophy, inhibit the process of tissue regeneration, and damage the brain cells.

8) The kiss stimulates the work of the heart muscles: in men up to 110, in women up to 108 contractions per minute. Instead of the usual 20 breaths per minute, kissers take about 60. As a result, the blood flow is activated, the supply of organs and tissues with oxygen improves, which is beneficial for the work not only of the cardiovascular system, but also of the lungs, stomach, intestine, and bladder.

9) Kiss on the lips is useful for the endocrine system – stimulation of nerve endings on the inner mucosa of the lips improves the activity of the pancreas and adrenal glands. These organs increase the production of their own hormones, which, in turn, “stimulate” the development of the special hormones – neuropeptides, under the influence of which the lovers feel better.

10) 29 facial muscles are involved during a kiss – increased blood supply improves the nutrition of the facial tissues, the skin tones up, and wrinkles get smoothed. That’s why the famous French kiss can be considered a remedy for aging.

11) On average, a person spends 20,160 minutes (about two weeks) of his life, kissing.

12) 278 different bacterial cultures are transmitted from person to person during the kiss. 95% of them are not dangerous.

13) Patients, who are regularly kissed by relatives and loved ones, recover faster than ordinary patients.

14) Kissers exchange saliva, containing various substances, for example, fats, mineral salts, proteins. According to recent studies, the exchange of the above-mentioned substances can increase the production of antibodies that fight antigens associated with various diseases.

15) The average European kisses about 7 times each day, young couples do it about 12 times a day, spouses and people over 50 kiss only about 2 times a day. 12% can’t even remember the last time they kissed.

16) Passionate kisses inhibit the formation of glucocorticoids – hormones that cause anxiety and stress. Scientists have calculated that three twenty-second kisses can raise the mood for the whole day and suppress stress hormones that provoke high blood pressure and cause insomnia.

17) Public kisses are usually condemned in Japan, Taiwan, China, and Korea.

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