10 Top Yoga Exercises That Promote Overall Health


You’ve heard of yoga before, but it is possible you’ve not tried it before to fully understand its benefits on your overall health.

Constant practice of yoga boosts your immunity, help you sleep better, fight stress, and also enhance your sex life among other things – but then, here are 10 top yoga exercises that enhance your body shape and promote your health.

Yoga Exercises

Mountain or tadasana: With this yoga exercise, you stand with your feet to the ground while standing straight up. You then observe deep breathing while trying to elongate yourself by attempting to grow taller. This exercise promotes body balance and strengthens your spine.

Chair or utkatasana: Standing up straight with your arms raised up above you, you lower yourself as if sitting on an imaginary chair before raising yourself up again and sitting down on your invisible chair again. This exercise has the advantage of strengthening your legs, calves, upper back and shoulders.

Downward Facing dog or Adho Mukha Svanasana: With your feet planted deeply on the floor, you bend forward until your hands reach the floor before you. You raise up your waist as far as they can go. This pose stretches your hamstrings and lengthens your spine, making your shoulders stronger.

Triangle or trikonasana: Here you stand with your legs wide apart. Try to turn one foot to the right or left position and then bed with your hand touching the floor on the side of the bent leg. This exercise makes your side firmer, strengthens your inner thighs and stretches your hamstrings while also promoting balance.

Tree or vrksasana: Stand straight with your arms raised high above your head. You can then lift up one leg and place the foot against the inner thigh of the other leg. If you can’t place the foot up the inner thigh of the second leg because of your balance, you can place it on your knees – then try to stand straight up and lengthen your spine by stretching up.

Bridge or setu bandha sarvangasana: You lie on your back, fold back your knees and place your arms on each side of you. Without lifting up your back or arms from the ground, you lift up your waist for as high as possible with the help of your bent knees. Repeat this exercise several times until you can feel your spine and neck stretching.

Bound angle or baddha konasana: Sit on the floor and fold your legs on either side of you so that the soles of your feet lock together before you. You may place your elbows on each side of your open knees without removing the joined soles of your feet. You may sit forward at this position to allow your back and legs to stretch fully.

Chaturanga dandasana: This exercise is what you will call press-up. You lie on your tummy to the floor and then with your palms on the ground, raise yourself up and down for as long as you can manage. This exercise strengthens your shoulder, spine, and gives stamina and athletic body shape.

Bow or dhanurasana: Lying flat on your tummy, you fold back your legs behind you and hold them up with both hands behind you – to form a sort of zero shape with your body bent backward. This exercise tones your abdominal muscles, strengthens your chest cavity and elongates your spine in a way you will like so much.

Seated forward fold or paschimottanasana: You sit with your legs stretched out close together before you. You then reach forward and grab your toes with your hands, stretching your back critically in the process until you hear your spine crack. Strengthen up again and repeat this exercise a number of times.

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