Top 5 Organic Replacement Shakes in 2017


Nowadays, you can face a challenge to find a meal replacement consisting only organic components. Most of manufacturers try to reduce the price of their products by adding cheap ingredients. However, some products prove that the quality does not always depend on price. For your convenience, we have selected the top 5 organic protein shakes that can be purchased in 2017.

18 Shake

This is the best option of all competitors. Indeed, the product is made of only organic components and provides an incredible efficiency. However, customers appreciate 18 Shake not only for the lack of stimulants or artificial sweeteners.

Although, the energy value of the MR shake is not high, 90 calories in each serving is enough to suppress your craving within several hours after the consumption. Such performance is achieved due to the qualitative whey protein and fiber.

Customers are happy with the purchase that is evidenced through the numerous positive feedbacks. The users highlight the taste and great appetite suppression effect most of all. 18 Shake is available for a rather affordable price – $59.99.

Yoli Shake

The meal replacement product produced by Yoli is called YES Shake. It consist of two patented organic mixtures that are purely organic. The first mixture is a blend of vegetables and fruits, while the second mixture is a blend of whey protein. The key function of this meal replacement is to help lose weight.

All the ingredients of Yoli Shake are organic. Despite a sufficient amount of protein, the fiber source of the shake is rather weak. Nevertheless, the customers do not have many complaints about the efficiency of the shake. The largest share of dissatisfactory feedbacks relate to the unreasonably high price ($80) considering the quality and set of ingredients.

Vega One

This meal replacement ranks second after 18 Shake. The product is really organic and consists of top quality components. An important point is the proper balance of protein and amino acids. It is crucial, because the protein of Vega One is plant–based. As a result, the users obtain 20 grams of plant protein. The nutritional value of the shake is also decent. Each serving supplies 160 calories. The overall quality of this meal replacement is high, but the main flaw of the shake is rather high price – $70 for 20 servings.


This is a rather good solution to substitute a daily meal. Shakeology is known for great appetite suppressing qualities. The shake consists of natural components, and is soy free. Besides, the protein is also not bad, regardless of the fact that is comes from several protein sources. People appreciate the efficiency of this meal replacement, but they are highly dissatisfied with its price. A regular user will have to pay almost $130 for 30 servings.


This product is designed by ViSalus for weight management. The shake does not contain any stimulants or synthetic components, but the protein of the product consists of not only whey protein source, but also soy. Soy protein is very cheap and not qualitative. The other parameters of the shake are impressive. Customers like the taste of the shake, and the price is not very high ($50).

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