The Healthy And Not So Healthy In Comforting Hot Drinks


During the cold winter months, we all tend to drink a lot more hot drinks like cocoa, coffee, and tea. We eat more hot meals in the day too. With advances in home heating and insulation, you may wonder why we still do this. The temperature indoors is generally the same all year round. However, we will still strive for our creature comforts like a warming drink and a snuggly jumper when it is cold outside. Lots of people dream of a roaring open fire in their living room. We love to be cozy in the winter, and hot drinks definitely go a long way to providing that extra comfort.

The Healthy And Not So Healthy In Comforting Hot DrinksThe source of this image is Flickr

Coffee is the one hot beverage that is drunk all year around, regardless of the weather. The sales figures for coffee don’t tend to dip much in the summer, although perhaps that is because we take iced coffees instead! However you like your coffee, and whatever time of year it is, this popular hot beverage provides comfort. You also get that all-important caffeine boost to pick up your metabolism and help you feel a little more energetic. There are health benefits to drinking coffee, but the caffeine in high quantities may, in fact, do us more harm than good. It races the heart and prevents us having restful sleep.

Hot tea comes in many flavors. Black tea has the highest caffeine hit, but there are some pretty strong green teas out there. Some green teas are lacking in caffeine adding to their health benefits. There are fruit teas out there that taste absolutely divine, hot or cold. They are the healthiest choice because there is no risk of them containing caffeine. As a hot drink, tea is particularly comforting. Some teas are said to have health benefits like detoxing. In Victorian England, and even to this day, tea was drunk with a cake and a small sandwich in the afternoon. High Tea can be enjoyed at some of London’s most exclusive hotels. For a full range of teas, have a look at websites like that sell a full range of specialty teas.

Cocoa is a favorite drink for children as it can be sweet and comforting, particularly on a cold night. If the cocoa is high quality, you may find there is caffeine in it that may actually prevent your child from sleeping soundly! You may have memories of enjoying a hot cup of cocoa around the campfire during summer camps when you were a child. Hot drinks certainly do make you feel warm inside, and help you feel protected from the cold.

Hot chocolate is also becoming more and more popular but again, some of these contain caffeine. Check the ingredients for sugar or sweetener content as well. There are high-end alternatives that are purer in chocolate than others, but these are very costly by comparison. Hot drinks certainly do comfort us, and some provide health benefits. Others are treats, and some form part of our morning ritual. Enjoy your next cup!

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