How to Get Into the Olympics and Compete for Gold, Money


While it is a noble thing to desire to feature in the Olympics, there is no assurance that you will ever get to go to the Olympics due to the arduous path to the competitions. The Rio 2016 Olympics is currently ongoing and it features hundreds of sports, but it takes a great deal to be part of the contestants and to win gold and money at the games. But then all hopes is not lost insofar you’re willing to give it what it takes to take a shot at the 2020 Olympics.

Here is what you need to know to better your chances of being in the next Olympics:

How to Get Into the Olympics

Start off early: Most Olympians started out at a very tender age, and some began their Olympic journey when they were still in the primary school. Depending on the sport, gymnastics for instance, many Olympic competitors started out when they were just less than 10 years old.

Decide on your desired sport: You must decide early on your desired sport begin preparation on it years before the Olympic opens. You may need to assess your physical fitness, personal capabilities and interests to choose your desired kind of sports to compete for at the games.

Prepare long-term: Preparation for the Olympic can take between 4 to 15 years before you get a chance to attend the games. Preparation and training could take six days out of seven, or 10 months within any one year. Be mentally and physically ready to spend half of your life in trainings and you’ll be putting yourself in a good frame for the Olympics.

Get a coach: You can’t win a place to attend the Olympics as a contestant without a good coach to land you there. A good coach will help you train effectively as well as teach you effective tactics and strategies to be in the game. The guidance of a coach will also help you to avoid injury as you feature in several trial competitions prior to the big games.

Get good funding: You may not know this, but you need good funding to promote your chances of being in the Olympics. You will need funding for coaching, equipment, trainings, travel, and trial competitions among others. Where no college scholarship or athletic funding is available, then you may need to keep your job and save toward your dreams.

Engage in trial competitions: You can’t use the Olympics as the testing ground for your skills, you’ll fail this way. With a good coach, you must engage with teams in local competitions, and then work your way into regional competitions before hitting out in national trials. The more competitions you engage in the better prepared you are to compete with international contestants at the Olympics.

Watch your life: Considering the fact that getting into the Olympics and winning medals require lots of practice and discipline, you must do away with distractions and focus your life on winning medals from the big games. Watch your diet, sleep adequately, and do away with negative lifestyles such as smoking, alcohol, and excessive sex among others. You’re on a life mission, man!

Get ready to go for the Olympics: Well, not so fast. You must attend and win regional and national championships to hone your skills. You must be ready to represent your country at the games or find another country to represent. Qualify in Olympic trials where only the best and most qualified athletes are picked. Be ready to travel and consider moving to an Olympic training centre for more help.

Rest and visualize success: You must learn to rest properly as the Olympics approach, since you don’t want to weary yourself or sustain injury before the games actually start. Take deserved rest and be fresh for the games. Visualize success and see yourself snapping photos with medals you win at the games.

Win gold: Go to the Olympics and bring home your medals, not forgetting your hard-earned monetary rewards.

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