Stay At Home and Achieve a Flat Tummy With These Simple Exercises


If you have been seeking ways to blast your tummy fat without spending a dime, then you are welcome to these stay-at-home exercise tips that give a flat belly. It is true that healthy nutrition and constant exercises could help you lose belly fat in no time, but you must target most of your exercises at your stomach to be able to blast out the fat.

Without the need to even enroll at a professional gym, let’s consider these simple tummy blasting exercises that you could do at home:

flat stomach exercises


Sit-ups or crunches: This exercise is targeted at your stomach muscles and fat. You lie on the floor and face up, then you place both hands firmly by each ear and then try to sit up without lifting up your legs. You may also bend your knees and then sit up several times without removing your hands from your head. Repeat this up to 25 times before trying other exercises aimed at burning fat in your tummy.

Crunch and twist: You also lie flat on your back and with both hands raised to hold your head. You then raise the right knee to your chest and try to touch it with your left elbow without removing your hand from your head, twisting your waist to make the contact possible. You also try it with the left knee and right elbow and twisting your waist. Repeat this for each side 15 times.

Extend and pike: With your back to the floor, you lift up one leg straight up and try to touch the tip with the opposite fingers – holding the contact for some time. You may also raise both legs up straight and touching them with your fingers in a continuous motion until you feel exerted enough.

Front bridge: This is like a push-up exercise, but the difference is that you rest on both elbows while stretching out on your toes with the tummy facing the floor. This exercise is also good for strengthening your back muscles and you may lift your waist up and down while returning to the original position for close to 10 minutes before changing positions.

Hip lifts: You lie straight on your back with your arms stretched straight out on your sides. You then lift up your legs as far up as you can manage, far up as if you want to stand up with your waist and back but without removing your hands from the floor.

Crunch chop twist: You lie on your back and pull up your legs before you. You then spread both legs wide and then stretch our both hands inbetween the open legs for as far back as you can manage. Lie back again on your back and repeat this exercise for like 25 times to firm up your abs and tone your tummy muscles.

Side plank: With this exercise, you lie straight on your left or right side to the floor. You may rest on your elbow to the floor and try to lift up your body with your legs already extended straight from you. With your elbow lifted, you also try to lift up your waist from the floor without lifting your legs. Try this exercise for as long as you possibly can to firm up your sides and intestinal muscles.

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