Fitness Exercises Myths for Beginners Busted


When we plan a workout routine, several questions pop in our mind. When is the best time to work out? What should we eat before or after a workout? Do women get muscles after lifting weight? The simplest way to find the answers to such question is doing research online. But, does the data you see is correct and beneficial for your health. To bust these myths, our fitness experts have listed some of the common points most beginners tends to believe before they start working out.

Fitness Exercises Myths for Beginners Busted

Myth 1: Crunches will melt the fat around the stomach.

Doing crunches will tone the core area for sure but doing 100 crunches will not melt the fat and love handles of the middle region. The one thing it will do is harm your back and neck for sure. To burn the fat in your body, start practicing cardio exercise. Start going for running or cycling. You can also go for HIIT workouts or Zumba classes to speed up your heart rate. Mix core specific exercise to tighten stomach muscles for flat surfboard abs. Remember, stomach fat requires a longer time to reduce so be patient and keep doing exercise.

Myth 2: Weights will get you bulk up.

While most of the men lift heavier weight to get bulky muscles, women avoid any weight training exercise in fear of getting muscles. Strength training exercise requires guidance so before you start using with heavy weight, learn to perform the exercise correctly with lighter weights. This way your posture will be correct and won’t cause serious injury on back. Also, women can use light to a medium range of weight doing strength building exercise as it will tone down the muscles and won’t make them look bulky. Muscles are important in our body as it protects our structure from any significant injury when we fall. Genetically, women won’t get bulky muscles like men if they lift the weights. Doing weight exercise burns more calories and tones body faster compare to cardio exercise like running.

Myth 3: More workout more weight loss.

Never believe this myth as working out more than your stamina can lead to serious injury, and one can even faint or collapse because of lack of oxygen. You first need to understand the strength and endurance of the body before trying expert’s workout. If you are new to exercising, start with the beginner’s level and slowly increase the pace with time. Do not go for unnecessary exertion as that will harm your body. Also, once you stop, it will subconsciously demotivate you to stop working out. Exercise 5 to 6 a week to give adequate rest to your body muscles. Practice this to get a visible fat reduction in your body rather than tiring yourself in the gym on a daily basis.

Myth 4: Yoga doesn’t burn fat.

Wrong! Yoga has gained the popularity all over the world because of the immense benefits one can achieve by practicing it for 30 minutes daily. While doing yoga, you improve the posture, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and relaxes your mind. If you want some fast pace activity, try adapting power yoga that will burn more than 300 calories per session. Yoga promotes on using inner strength and body balance for weight loss, correcting posture and removing toxins from the body.

Myth 5: Protein Shakes and Energy Bars for nutrition.

Most of the gym instructors and fitness experts do advice on consuming protein shake after exercise routine to restore energy. These shakes do have a right amount of protein, but it also contains high level if sugar and calorie content that you could ever imagine. If you wish to stay healthy, then have a natural source of protein after doing a workout to restore the energy and water balance.

Myth 6: More you sweat, faster you lose weight.

Often people doing workout push themselves until they are drench in sweat. There are exercise programs piloted in rooms with a high temperature, so the individual sweats more. There is a myth among people that a good amount of sweat will make them lose weight faster. Wrong, sweat is a biological reaction of our body to lower down its internal temperature. You might lose a negligible amount of weight, but that is only water weight.


There is every chance that you can become a victim of bad fitness advice. If you want to lose weight, exercise at least 5 to 6 times a day which should consist of cardio exercise, strength building, and good stretch that works on every part of your body. Getting a good body requires a lot of efforts, healthy eating habits, and patience. To avoid getting disappointed, keep your goals small and achievable. Always enjoy little treats to curb any unhealthy cravings. This way you will lose weight faster and healthier way.

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