Pregnancy Shouldn’t Stop You From Exercising: Here’s 10 Top Ways To Do It


Before we go into the top 10 fitness exercises for pregnant women, let us quickly examine the health benefits of coordinated exercises for pregnant women:

  • It enhances mother-child overall health
  • It shortens the labour period before childbirth
  • It reduces feet swelling, back pain, and sickness associated with pregnancy
  • It eases the birthing process and promotes quick recovery after birth
  • It keeps the foetus active and promotes its proper growth

It must be pointed out again and again that coordinated exercises and fitness routines are recommended for pregnant women – unless otherwise prohibited by an expert doctor. So pregnancy shouldn’t stop you from exercising and here are the top 10 ways to go about it:

pregnant women exercises

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  1. Stick to what you know is safe: You must understand that not every fitness exercise is suitable for every pregnant woman, and you must therefore follow your doctor’s or therapist’s advice in exercising during pregnancy. Stick to what is safe for your ability and pregnancy stage, and don’t try new things without proper expert supervision.
  1. Run, but don’t compete: It is perfectly safe to run gently during pregnancy until a few weeks before your expected date of delivery (EDD), but you mustn’t compete with others to run and you mustn’t attempt to beat your pre-pregnancy running record. You are running for mother-child health and not to win recognition or medals, so run for health and wellbeing.
  1. Strengthen your core: It is essential to engage in fitness exercises that strengthen your pelvis floor and abdominals since this will help you during labour, delivery, and after giving birth. Do not engage in exercises that involve weightlifting or straining your back and abdominal muscles.
  1. Try out body balance routines: Women initially get affected with developing pregnancy because of a new life growing inside of them, but they get used to the feeling and the new development inside of them by the second trimester of pregnancy. The point here is that you must undertake fitness routines that make you feel comfortable with the new changes in your body; breathing, stretching, strengthening and relaxation exercises would help in this regard.
  1. No sharp movements: Remember you are carrying a new developing life inside of you, and so avoid dangerous antics that involve dangerous sports and unadvised exercises. Be mindful of the fact that tendons and joints get weaker during pregnancy, so do not try deep squats and heavy lunges among others.
  1. Stay hydrated while exercising: Your child needs plenty of fluid to develop inside your tummy, just as it needs moderate exercises to keep up with growing – so drink plenty of water to keep body temperature and stay hydrated while exercising.
  1. Walk up the hill: It may not be possible for you to run or visit the gym frequently, but you may do well to walk up that hill close to your place as a way of exercising. You burn fat and generate firmer muscles when you walk up the hill among other forms of exercises, and you also strengthen your joints. Start slowing and then pick up the intensity, no at once, but over several weeks.
  1. Push-ups while remaining standing: You imagine how this can be done? A pregnant woman can’t and shouldn’t engage in conventional push-ups, but can do it if she is in a standing position. She only needs to stand and push against a wall in a rhythmic push-up fashion.
  1. Pelvis tilts against the wall: Similar to standing push-ups, but here a pregnant woman stands with her back against the wall and then tilts up her pelvis, relaxing and then repeating it again as she exhales deeply.
  1. Swimming in the pool: Nothing stops a pregnant woman from swimming in the pool, but you must take it easy by only performing gently strokes and not really competing with other swimmers.

Lastly, register at a gym and consult with a professional fitness coach who knows about helping pregnant women to stay healthy via fitness exercise routines. You can learn more about pregnancy fitness from parents and you can also enjoy optimal exercises during pregnancy by checking out fitpregnancy.

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