18 Agitar vs Shakeology

Cualquier batido de proteína tiene sus ventajas e inconvenientes. Algunos batidos pueden ser grandes, pero cuestan una fortuna. Others attract with low price but the quality could not be worse. Asi que, the process of searching the best meal replacement product turns into a challenge. sin embargo, there is one important tip – read the customers’ reviews. Como una regla, people are happy to share their experience of using a particular shake in order to help others in their choice. Naturalmente, there are many fake reviews made by the distributors or manufacturers.

The following review of 18 Shake vs Shakeology reveals the true facts about the quality and users’ opinion regarding these two products. Based on this comparison, you can make a decision which product is worth buying and which is not.


Ingredients and nutrition value

18 Shake is known as a product containing only natural components. The total number of ingredients in over 20. You will not find here any artificial sweeteners or stimulants. The sugar source is stevia that is a natural sweetener. Protein of 18 Shake is a blend of two protein sources. The first source is whey protein isolate. It contains all the required amino acids. The second source is whey protein concentrate providing more carbs, fats and lactose. En general, the quality of protein is high.

One scoop of 18 Shake supplies the following: fibra (5 grams), sugar (1 gram), fat (1.5 gram) and protein (15 grams). The energy value of the shake is 90 calories.

Unlike the competitor, Shakeology has twice more ingredients. sin embargo, the quality of the components of this MR shake cannot boast of high level. Sugar comes from fructose, which is known as potentially hazardous ingredient. The other components are mostly safe and do not deserve a special attitude. Shakeology’s protein comes from several plant protein sources supplemented by whey protein.

One serving of this MR supplement offers fiber (6 grams), fat (2 grams), sugar (6 grams), and protein (16 grams). The body receives 160 calories from one dosage of Shakeology.

Efficiency and customers’ feedbacks

The main advantage of 18 Shake against its rival is the lack of side effects. Indeed, a perfect combination of top quality ingredients guarantees safety and reliability of this meal replacement. The customers are mad about the product and its benefits. Users praise its appetite suppression characteristics and great taste. en adición, the shake is available at quite affordable price – around $50. We cannot but mention that 18 Shake was recognized the best MR product in 2017.

Unfortunately, Shakeology cannot be called a safety product. Some ingredients are hazardous and can trigger health issues. Besides, the price of the shake is the major complaint of most users. Frankly speaking, the content of this meal replacement is not worth $130 para 30 servings. The efficiency of the product is moderate. Customers admit a good suppression of craving. sin embargo, high amount of sugar decreases the benefits of the shake for weight management. En general, Shakeology has more negative than positive feedbacks.

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