Dessert Table Ideas for a Birthday


The love for choice desserts is not limited to young kids alone, adults love desserts too. Almost everyone loves desserts, except those that have been mandated to avoid them due to their medical conditions or nutrition needs – but then, this class of people still admires a well laid-out dessert table. And this brings us to creative ideas for laying out a dessert table for all social occasions like birthdays, Christmas, baby showers, cocktail parties, and corporate events among others.

Laying out a dessert table for birthday or any social occasion requires great skills, and this is where creativity and visual displays come into play. You really can’t be outstanding at laying out dessert tables except you got creative ideas to play with – and creative ideas don’t come easy. You also require patience to be able to present a fascinating dessert table that will be attractive and tempting to attendees at your social events. Being an expert at laying out dessert tables therefore boils down to three things: creative ideas; styling skills; and studied patience.

wedding desserts table

Getting started with dessert table ideas for a birthday

  1. Prepare your desserts: Get your desserts prepared and ready to get on the table. Whoopie pies, rock candies, jelly beans, cupcakes, chocolate bars, cookies, truffles, sweet tarts, fondants, popcorns, marshmallows, and other treats should be ready to go on the dessert table.
  2. Prepare the dessert table: Setting the dessert table to be visually appealing is a must, and you will be able to fascinate your birthday guests by properly decorating the table. You need inspirations and creativity here. Use a fabulous cloth to cover the dessert table. Set the table against a simple and pleasing background, and then apply ribbons and flowers of colors to create a tone and theme. By the time your dessert table is covered with cloths and ribbons or flowers is arranged against a color theme, people should see a unique dessert platform. Ensure there is also harmony in the arrangements you’ve made on the table to create a pattern.
  3. Display your desserts in appropriate containers: Containers and stands will give visual values to your desserts. So pick only choice and complementary bowls, canisters, trays, vases, platters, jars, and other unique stands. Ensure to have all these containers in various sizes, shapes, materials, and colors.
  4. Go for a color theme: You can give a color or two some forms of prominence if you so desire to create a theme. You may choose yellow, pink, white, or a combination of other colors to portray what the birthday party or social event is all about.
  5. Create labels for the desserts: People would love to know what a particular food item is before going for it. You can help out by adding labels to your desserts. This is not really compulsory, but if you desire to do it then it must be done well. Apply calligraphy against matching stationeries to name or describe the desserts set out on the birthday dessert table.

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