10 Best Fitness Gadgets Recently Showcased In CES 2016


It is true that the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has come and gone, but not without the telltale signs of an avalanche of new fitness gadgets that have now just been released into the market. There are hundreds of these new health fitness gadgets – which comprise health trackers, wearables, action cams and flight simulators among others, but we shall only examine about 10 of them here.

If you are a tech buff and love fitness, you will like these new health fitness products and make use of them to promote your personal health and fitness one way or the other.


  • Fitbit Blaze: This is a gadget that you wear on your wrist and functions much like a smartwatch or smartphone if you like. It gives you text and call notifications in various touchscreen colours, but it has the ability to monitor your heart rate and provide you with GPS tracking; and aside these, it also provides you with music control and workout ideas that you can access via its on-screen interface. It costs less than $200.
  • Under Armour HealthBox: The UA HealthBox is a combination of three techs which comprise of a UA Band, a chest-strap heart rate monitor, and a wearable tracker. With the UA Band, you see a display of how long your workout lasts and the steps you make as well as the intensity of the exercise. The chest-strap heart rate monitor can register up to eight users and then display all related info via Bluetooth synced to a UA Record app. The three hardware cost $400 and each of the pieces can be bought separately.
  • Gymwatch Sensor: This fitness gadget was manufactured in Germany but now available in the United States. It is worn on the arm and provides instant audio feedback regarding the pace, posture, and grip of the wearer while using free weights or using machines for bodyweight exercises among others. It alerts the wearer to any wrong move, and costs less than $100 to buy.
  • Samsung Family Hub Fridge: If you love fresh fruits and exercises so much, then you may want to consider the Samsung Family Hub Fridge. Yes, it is a fridge and costs $5,000; but it works with Samsung’s Gear Fit wearable. When you leave the gym and enter into your house, the fridge alerts you that you have just exercised and suggests fresh fruits you can consume from stocks already placed on your shelves among other dietary suggestions.
  • Hexoskin Shirt: Debuting at CES 2016, this Hexoskin shirt has been dubbed the “world’s first biometric smart-shirt” and available for both men and women. It monitors the wearer’s heart rate, breathing, body movements among other fitness data while exercising. The smart-shirt is part of pack which includes a battery pack and a USB cable and could be pre-ordered for $299.
  • iFit NordicTrack Escape: If you desire to exercise far away from home without necessarily leaving your home, then you might try this new fitness gadget with a retail price slated for between $8k to $10k. It is a treadmill which works with a 60-inch 4K OLED TV turned on its side, providing the fitness runner with scenic visibility of street blocks and outdoor terrains which the user can experience via powerful simulators.
  • KuaiWear Coaching Headphones: This wireless headphone is nothing but a coach considering the fact that functions as your personal trainer, providing you with audio feedback and real-time statistics on your fitness performance. Its biometric sensor is synced with an app which monitors and adjusts your stride and pace among other things. It cost $149 when pre-ordered during CES.
  • Emfit QS Sleep Monitor: This is a sleep tracker which is slipped under your mattress to monitor your heart rate and how well your body has recovered from the prior day’s work and exercise. Retailing for only $275, it monitors your fitness levels while you sleep, providing you with info via a paired app on heart beats and other heart data while you slept.
  • LEVL: This fitness device is currently being perfected and made to function like a Breathalyzer with the aim of helping you to lose weight. The product analyzes the levels of acetone in your breath and provides you with stats on your metabolism and current fat-burning process via number ranges. It is a personalized device made to help people lose weight. The price is not fixed yet.
  • Mio PAI Tracker: The Mio tracker is a fitness device that comes with a Personal Activity Intelligence score to provide rating on your wellbeing and the chances of coming down with a disease. It is a wearable that is still in research and development stages, but made to monitor your heart rate and fitness levels among other things.

If you still want to learn more about other health fitness gadgets that were showcased at this year’s CES in February, then you can check out CoachMag for 20 best fitness and tech gadgets from CES 2016.

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