Don’t Want To Sleep? Here Are 9 Reasons Why You Must Start Sleeping More


Health experts have always recommended that it is best to sleep between seven to eight hours every night, but many people rarely do this – with some sleeping between three to four hours every night due to their jobs and pursuits in life.

The fact however is that there is a relationship between how well you sleep and your overall health – and the following are nine reasons why you should just sleep an hour more.

9 Reasons Why You Must Start Sleeping More

Adequate sleep ensures better health: Health experts say the better you sleep the better your overall health, and the lesser you sleep the higher the chances of developing health complications such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases among others.

Good sleep makes you strong for active sex: Good sex requires strength, presence of mind, and improved health to be enjoyed – all of which can be compromised in the absence of good sleep. So do you want to enjoy sex more? Then you must sleep more. Impaired sleep leads to fatigue, lower testosterone levels in men, and general weakness in women.

You manage body pains more with better sleep: Good sleep helps you to manage body pains more, and enables the body to heal itself faster in the face of injuries. In fact, several studies point to the fact that you’re better able to put up with pain if you enjoy deeper sleep – while conversely, pain sometimes makes it difficult to sleep. If you have serious body pains, it is best to use pain-relievers that also enable you to sleep better.

You’re less likely to suffer accidents with better sleep: Federal statistics blame one in four auto crashes on drowsy driving – and that’s about 1 million auto crashes a year in the US. When you sleep more, you’re better able to coordinate things and less likely to involve in road or domestic accidents among other mishaps.

Your general mood improves with better sleep: When you sleep frequently and deeply, your overall mood improves and you’re less likely to lose your cool, get fidgety, snap at people, show irritation, or betray emotional instability of any kinds. Adequate sleep helps you to regulate your emotions and makes you brighter with people.

Better weight management with better sleep: If you aim to lose weight in the most natural way, then sleeping more could help you achieve that among other things. You stand a chance of weight gain if you sleep less, and this is essentially because you develop cravings for food. But the hormone leptin makes you feel full when you sleep more, helping you achieve your weight loss goals better and faster.

Sleep gives you better mental coordination: “Sleep loss affects how you think,” said Jodi A. Mindell, a professor of psychology at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and the author of the book Sleep Deprived No More. “It impairs your cognition, your attention, and your decision-making…[people who suffer sleep deprivation are] more likely to make odd mistakes, like leaving their keys in the fridge by accident.”

Better sleep gives you improved memory: The best way to help your brain process and store daytime memories is by sleeping well. You remember things correctly when you sleep well than when you sleep little. So if you require mental retention to get ahead in life, you must strive to sleep at least an hour more.

You develop stronger immunity when you sleep more: Studies show that people develop stronger immunity to fight common ailments when they sleep more than when they sleep less. Have you observed that doctors prescribe bed rest for people who are ill? It is to help their bodies fight infection and to help the body process drugs administered to fight diseases.

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