10 Commandments of Weight Loss You Must Observe Today


If you have been trying to lose weight for years without success, it may be because you have been disregarding the 10 commandments of weight loss. There is always a rule to everything, and this always applies to weight loss goals. There are simple to complex solutions to losing weight at your own pace, but the following 10 commandments of weight loss will help you achieve your weight loss goals in no time.

10 Commandments of Weight Loss

Thou shall eat breakfast: Do not be deceived into thinking that skipping meals will help you to lose weight, most especially breakfast. It is true that fasting over a period of time could help you shed some weight, but it must be noted that any weight loss plan must be a healthy one. You mustn’t skip breakfast but this won’t necessarily help you to lose weight.

Thou shall control portions: Discipline is essential to losing weight effectively – most especially in terms of diet and exercise. Eat little and never add more to your portion of food if you’re so serious about losing weight. Don’t be tempted to eat everything you see or that your heart desires, and learn to say no to alluring foods and drinks. The bottom line here is that you must eat less and less until less fills you as if it were plenty.

Thou must sweat it out at the gym: Exercises and physical activity are essential to losing weight, and you can start out at the gym for better coordination and positive supervision. Using the gym for regular exercise has the benefit of presenting you with several fitness equipment that would help you lose weight, and there is also the benefit of being encouraged by other weight loss patients and a fitness trainer.

Thou shall drink more water: There is a difference between drinking water and drinking more water – drinking more water is beneficial to losing weight. In fact, there is water therapy applied to losing weight. Drinking plenty water helps you to flush out harmful toxins in the body, and it also makes you feel full as you continue on the journey to weight loss.

Thou shall plan ahead: You just can’t wake up one morning and decide on losing weight – effective weight loss requires previous planning. Many people fail at losing weight because they never planned ahead for it, making it easy for them to back out when things get a little hard on the journey. You must adequately plan ahead to lose weight to make it effective, while putting things in place to make it safe and effectual.

Thou shall rest very well: Whether you believe it or not, adequate rest is essential to losing weight effectively. When you eat well, exercise adequately, and rest enough, then you lose weight effectively in the most natural manner. Don’t push it, rest properly and you’d be on your to losing weight. But don’t indulge in oversleeping.

Thou must set mini-goals: Losing weight is a big task for many people, and the only way to get about it is to break down the problem of losing weight into small tasks. Break down your weight loss program into manageable tasks and you’ll be better equipped to achieve your overall weight loss goals.

Thou shall strength-train: You must engage in endurance and strength training to lose weight effectively. This might be engaging in push-ups, doing reverse sit-ups, doing cardiovascular exercises, climbing stairs, observing yoga exercises, active swimming, lifting planks, and strengthening your core ribs and abdominal muscles.

Thou must diet the proper way: Your dieting must comprise of fruits and vegetables. You must also consume more of fiber-rich diet and high-protein foods. You may have to avoid foods high in carbohydrates as well as unhealthy fast foods. It is also best to avoid sweetened beverages, soft drinks and candies among others.

Thou shall work with professionals: You must work with weight loss professionals such as fitness instructors and certified dieticians to be able to lose weight effectively. When you work with dietitians, you will be instructed on what food to eat and at what quantity and at what time. Cooperating with a good fitness instructor will also help you to engage in a most rewarding exercise regime that would help you lose weight. It is also good to visit doctors and health experts with ample experience in weight loss issues.

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